Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Switzerland: The Year Round Travel Destination

My favorite hobby is travel and to be precise adventure travel to places with dramatic landscapes, rolling countrysides, mountains, fast flowing rivers, heritage monuments, and a rich culture of food and drink. This description sometimes seems too much and people say that it is difficult to get a destination that satisfies all these conditions. As for me I did one such location in the heart of Europe, Switzerland. I have made it my goal to Discover Swiss "Pearls" next year. An informational website about the country says that it has cultural influences from France, Germany and Italy.

Switzerland for me is about the memorable experiences it offers. I'd love to get into the activity of Making Cheese at Ticino. Swiss cheese is very delectable and if I can make it myself the high is definitely ultimate. In my religion bells play a very important role. The bell foundry in Berger, Barau, Switzerland offers a unique opportunity to visitors. We can cast our own bell by decorating sand moulds. Now that is what I'd call a unique experience. I would then go to the Medieval paper making plant to know how we could save trees. Then of course a visit to the cattle ranch to get close to the cows and finally cap my visit with a ride in horse carriage in Lucerne.

If you haven't been to Switzerland and are wondering where to go this summer or fall just make it a point to check out the Swiss Pearls and there is a high probability you will visit this nation.


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