Monday, October 19, 2009

Job Search Needs More than just a Great Resume!!!

The recent economic downturn has made the job market highly competitive. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there looking for a job. How is it possible you make yourself uniquely different so that you will land the job? Moreover the bad news is that most people who have lost jobs are men and not women. It has become increasingly challenging for men to land jobs in this economy. In order to get men out of this predicament, Gillette decided to commission a survey of HR professionals to find out what it takes to be successful in interviews.

According to the survey of over 500 HR professionals commissioned by Gillette (R) it seems that personal grooming creates a much greater positive impression than even the firm handshake. Over 84% of the HR professional surveyed agreed that a well-groomed employee is more likely to climb the corporate ladder than other who are not so well-groomed.

In order to help the millions who are unemployed Gillette promoted the Gillette Career Advantage program by engaging career expert, Mark Jeffries and GQ style correspondent, Brett Fahlgren. These two professional will add to the knowledge derived from the HR survey and enhance it with new insights and provide the much needed advice for guys who are looking for jobs.

This program features expert advice from Mark Jeffries and Brett Fahlgren; a career quiz; a comprehensive hire guide compiled from the views of HR professionals from across the country. This is designed to empower men and give them the tools necessary to succeed in the job market.

Ofcourse if you would like to know more about the survey and read the raw data, findings and get details about Gillette products, the Gillette Resource Center is at hand to clarify all your doubts.


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