Friday, October 09, 2009

Winter is crawling into town!!!

Last month I was cribbing about the searing heat which prevented me from enjoying the outdoor activities. Now I find myself ruing the rains and cold winds which are once again deterring me from going out and enjoying the bicycling trails or parks or swimming. The transformation from summer to winter was almost instant.
One day it was very hot and suddenly a thunderstorm warning came through and it rained flat out for the next two days. After that it has been mostly cloudy humid days with sparse showers which has kept me and my bicycle most indoors. I wish it would get sunny again but not as searing hot as summer.
I don't think it would get too warm because winter seems to have set in with the nip in the air. It looks like this weather will continue for quite sometime and will get colder as the months roll by.....

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