Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mobile Advertising for Revenue Enhancement

How would you like to beam your product/ service advertisement to everybody with a mobile phone? Imagine how many more people you could reach this way when compared with TV, Radio or Newspapers? With expansion of digital communications technology this has been made possible by Smaato, the pioneering mobile advertising company.

Smaato's new advertising program SOMA (Smaato Open Mobile Advertising) is free and easy to sign up for. It is useful for mobile publishers, developers, advertising agencies and for mobile operators. This is a way to advertise globally and target it to specific regions. Moreover with Smaato's expertise in advertising and its associations with organizations such as German Digital Media Association BVDW, Mobile Marketing Association, the Advisory Group etc you can be assured that your campaign will produce much greater results.

Based in California, Smaato is all set to launch your products into the world of mobile phones.

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