Saturday, February 20, 2010

US set to allow guns inside national parks - The Boston Globe

I read a news report titled US set to allow guns inside national parks - The Boston Globe and this is quite a news. I am pretty sure that the happiest people as a result of this law will be in the state of Texas. Living here I have come to know that most native Texans love their freedom and their guns. This the land of cowboys and the wild west where not too long ago people survived by the law of "Who shoots first lives".

Personally speaking I would say this is indeed a victory to personal choice, but a defeat to humanity. Victory for personal choice to carry guns is sad because that means the crime in National parks has gone up forcing the authorities to enable visitors to arm themselves for self defense. Defeat to humanity because despite all this modern development, prosperity and improvement of quality of life people still resort to crime to make a living.

I wonder if we as humans are on retrograde motion. Humans are the only animals that can choose their actions and if crime is increasing that means more and more humans are giving up their thinking ability and just becoming like animals, grabbing what they want, whether it belongs to them or others. I wonder whether this madness will ever end.....

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