Friday, September 03, 2010

Some Blackberry Images

I have always been a big fan of small handy devices and integrated gadgets. If one device can incorporate everything that I'd need that is what I'd buy. Well the kind of gadget I have always dreamed of having is yet to be manufactured, but for now I am content using the Blackberry with internet connection. This phone has a pretty good camera which is obvious when you look at the images below. I shot these pictures at the Frontier Flight Museum sited alongside the Love Field Airport in Dallas. I liked the venue and there are somethings that I really feel that should be incorporated by all nations in the world to enhance their revenues and also provide a learning, fun locale for kids and elders alike.

Americans love to show off their nationalism and patriotic fervor. They put up their national flag, state flag, quotes like "God Bless America" etc pretty much everywhere. This kind of love for their country and pride in national symbols is very healthy and should be inculcated right from infancy in every nation across the world.

An example how exhibits are arranged in such a way that visitors learn about the actual aircraft and how they fly. Then there are these bouncy fun stuff which children would love to get into and play. These things make the museum experience memorable and children would look forward to visiting again and again.

The above image is an example how private businesses take advantage of the museum to promote their brands and support the local community. The museum runs mainly on grants and sponsorships like these and the businesses gain visibility and recall value in the minds of children who will grow up to become adults and employees, associates or customers of these businesses. This kind of attitude should be developed in the minds of Indian businessmen who are only keen on hoarding money for their dynasty and don't think of giving to the community.

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