Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Vijaya Dashami to All

Vijaya Dashami marks the end of the Dushera/ Dasara festival in the Hindu/ Indian Calendar. This relevance of this festival is obvious by the name, Vijaya meaning "Victory" and Dashami meaning "tenth day". This is the day when the war between god and demons were finished with the victory to the God. In the history of Hinduism there have been quite a few of these wars and the most significant are still remembered as festivals and celebratory days of the good forces.

On Vijaya Dashami we celebrate the victory of:
1. Lord Ram over Ravana
2. Goddess Durga over Mahishasura
3. End of Pandavas Exile.
There are many more reasons but I'd limit myself to these three. Read up on Wikipedia if you'd like to know more.

Contest Time
There are two more American Express Diwali Gift Cards on the table. I will announce the final winners on Monday afternoon.

This contest is real simple. All you need to do is to tell me how you celebrate festivals of any kind and what makes you look forward to them. You can tell me about any festival not necessarily Vijaya Dashami or Diwali.

Happy Shopping to the winners who are getting their gift cards.


Rahul Vasisht said...

Vijaya Dashami used to be one of my favorite festivals. Something known as Jamboo savari used to take place on this day. Every commercial vehicle owner would give free rides to kids on this day, I don't know whether it happens even to this day or not. I definitely used to enjoy this event.

Bala said...

As a Child I used to wait for Pongal, which we celebrate for Sun god.It used to be fun time in teh farm , with the rangolis, decorating Cows, and making pongal(a sweet dish). Now, well..No more pongal celebrations of course :)

naomi said...

My favorite holiday is valentine's day. I love to wonder what my husband may get for me and I love to pick out quirky little animals that sing funny little songs to her. To me valentine is a celebration of love and though I may not have many material things in my life I have a wealth of Love from my husband and my daughter in my life : )

Jayashree said...

Diwali is my favourite festival of all. I have around 12 cousins and we all would meet up at my grand parents house for Diwali celebration for almost a week. We used to enjoy the crackers, Indian sweets and special TV shows together.. It was a fun filled event. Everyone would be at their best not worrying about school or work!!

I also enjoy Christmas after coming to US. We decorate the house with lights and Xmas tree and have a christmas party with our friends. We play games all day. I always look forward to December amidst painful winter, only because of Christmas.