Monday, January 24, 2011

What happens behind the scenes on a Cruise Ship?

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Everybody loves to take a Cruise the feeling of being on a ship far away from any land mass but yet having all the facilities that one would wish for is something that is to be enjoyed. How many of us actually wonder what the people who make cruises happen think about the ship, the service, their work and the guests? Well it would be interesting to know. I recently watched this awesome

about cruise ships and was impressed with the way cruise managers and onboard staff thought about the whole experience.

Most companies produce advertisements that attempt to sell the destination, experience, and how great a cruise is going to make consumers feel. This is one advertisement that is more like a documentary that shows us exactly what goes on behind the scenes. The amount of hard work people put in happily just to make it an enjoyable experience for their clients.

These ships travel all over the world from Alaska to Caribbean to South-East Asia, carrying people from all over the world and everyone enjoys the experience. All this is communicated in such a seamless manner in the video that one wishes he were on the ship instead of in front of the computer watching.

I sure look forward to going on a cruise with this company rather than any other.

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