Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Taking Pride in Work

Finally it is starting to get a little sunny after a week of snow, ice, sleet and biting cold in the Dallas area, Texas. Not that I am looking forward to the 100 degree days of summer but I don't enjoy the iced out days of winder when temperatures plunge to 15-16 below freezing.

Recently we went out to dinner at iHop coz it was too late and no Indian place would be open. I met a waiter who really took pride in his work. Things as little and insignificant as coffee creamers were neatly arranged in a formation inside a small cup. I haven't come across this kind of attention to detail in any other restaurant. Presentation is half the marketing when it comes to food products. Even the most sought after dish could make a person anorexic if it is presented in a shoddy manner. This experience at iHop only confirmed it. It is simply customer support/ service and building a loyal client base.

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