Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sewing Machine Parts and Accessories

A major feature of the American lifestyle that is often not understood enough by immigrants is the necessity to be able to do everything. From cleaning the house, to washing the cars and from changing fused bulbs at home to using the sewing machine to alter, fix, embroider clothes. Talking about sewing machines, most people in India don't own one. I am talking about India because I am from there. Most people who own these implements are professional tailors. Those individuals who own one use it to stitch all kinds of clothes, curtains, etc at home.

In the US, for everything that is available in the market, there are an array of accessories to make it look, feel, or work better. Similarly with the sewing machine there are numerous accessories and several industries actually owe their existence to this secondary market. Another secondary market is for sewing machine parts which are a big draw among owners and prospective owners.

I know people who have invested several hundred dollars on sewing machine parts and accessories simply because they enjoy creating new fabric with the machines. There are numerous parts that are consumed by sewing enthusiasts on a regular basis. These parts include bobbin cases foot pedals, footwork kits, sewing machine foot, etc.

During the recent years the convenience of the internet has enabled all sewing enthusiasts to buy lots and lots of parts online. The online businesses are also thriving because they can sell cheaper to the consumer because middlemen are eliminated. The consumer is happy that he/ she can see pictures of the part before ordering and also that there is a money back guarantee on most online purchases. Then there are auction sites where people go scouring for bargains.

Once again I would like to reiterate that the internet may after all be the best source of news, views, and opinions.

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