Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer burns through Texas

This year we kinda lucked out with the arrival the severe summer heat that Texas is associated with. Summer arrived late but with a vengeance... after a few weeks of bearable heat, yesterday heat wave topped 100 deg F. In fact it was 103 yesterday and as I drove back home strong gusts of searing hot winds blew through the car. I felt as if I was driving through a forest fire of the magnitude of the one that is currently raging in Arizona., the leading website that provides information about local weather in most of the first world nations always mentions temperature as actual temperature and what it feels like. I am pretty sure yesterday it would have said 102 degree and feels like 109 degree.

Texas sprawling landscapes offer numerous outdoor recreation activities but during the peak summer months and winter months these facilities are bereft of people. Simply because the weather is too hostile for anyone to get out of the comforts of their air-conditioned homes.

I have been planning to go swimming since the past one month but the heat has confined me indoors. Hopefully I will break loose and go one of these days...

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