Friday, July 08, 2011

Hottest day in DFW area!

Today was one the hottest day in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since the past several years. Texas summers have been sizzling since time immemorial, but as the world develops into a more comfortable place for human beings, the planet is getting hotter. This is the direct result of what is known as the 'urban heat island effect' that I read about on Yahoo News.

Due to this urban heat island effect densely populated cities that have turned into concrete jungles are hotter than open rural landscapes with sparse population and few buildings. Anyway the heat reminds me of my travels through the eastern seaboard state of Orissa, India during 2007 summer. The only consolation out there was the humidity that made it possible for the body's regulatory mechanism to kick in and cool down by sweating. Here in Texas the body burns and gets charred, but it wont sweat or steam....

A few more months and then it will be fall, when the good days will be back again.

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