Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Favorite Places around Bengaluru

I have been living in the US since the past nearly 4 years. Life has been pretty good, the roads are better, traffic jams are almost unheard of, I drive a pretty nice car, and enjoy lot more luxuries than back home in India. I have traveled the length and breadth of the country and have my favorite spots everywhere. Living in the US is like staying at a luxury hotel, how much ever comfortable and luxurious it maybe it can never be called home. When I was living in Bengaluru it was common for me to take off every weekend for a short or long trip. Here are pictures of some of my favorite spots around Bengaluru.

Old fort in Devanahalli
Devanahalli Fort

Gokak Falls, India\'s Niagara
Gokak Falls in Karnataka is beautiful

Gokarna a beautiful beach pilgrim location
Sunset at Gokarna

Massive sculptures in Veerahbadreswara temple, Lepakshi
Sculpture of Serpant and Lord Shiva in Lepakshi

These beautifully designed pillars are every art lovers delight
Intricately carved temple pillars at Lepakshi

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