Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Burns Texas

It is almost a week since I returned to the US and I feel as if I am melting in the triple digit temperatures of Texas. The day I returned it seemed as if Gods had taken pity and cooled it down with a small shower. Then the sun came back with vengeance and it has been in the 100s ever since.

Today the sun burned a steady 104 degrees F making it feel more like 114. This is not the hottest day... if the weatherman is to be believed tomorrow the mercury is going to rise to 107 with partly cloudy forecast. Clouds don't mean rain but more heat because heat gets trapped underneath the clouds and above the earth's surface making it searing hot.

If there is one season I don't like it is searing hot summers in Texas. I can take icy cold when temperature dips to a negative 5 or 10, but when mercury rises to triple digit heat that is when I get extremely uncomfortable. When it gets cold I can cover up with more and more layers but in the heat there is only that many layers I can shed.

I just hope that summer passes off soon giving way to the nice two months of the year, i.e. fall.

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