Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Auction Deals On Coveted Items!!!

How would you like to buy your favorite gadget, say an iPad or an iPod Touch for 99% discount off its original price? I am sure each one of us would love it and grab such a deal with both hands. Well days of waiting are over, you can get that kind of deals on a brand new penny auction website known as dealfun. I first read about dealfun.com on one of the prospective user's blog. My interested was piqued and I immediately visited Dealfun website and investigated. First things first, the website is genuine, they do offer all the fantastic products that are seen on the homepage. It is a penny auction site with a difference, dealfun guarantees a win within the first 24 hours of your registration and they will reset your deals after that. I haven't come across any auction site which resets your deals immediately after the first win. The good deals doesn't end there. There is a free shipping deal going on right now on all products. You get products at a throw away price and then you don't even pay for shipping it to your place. Isn't a true American-style deal? I am sure you'd be willing to buy half the products on dealfun if only you would be allowed to.

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