Friday, October 21, 2011

It is the season of festivals

Fall and winter is somehow associated with festivals not only in India but elsewhere in the world too. For example Americans are bracing up for Halloween, later this month and Thanksgiving next month and then of course Christmas in December. What does all this mean? It just shows the similarity between the diverse cultures across the world. Halloween is celebrated as an event when children go trick or treating to various homes collecting candies. In India during Dasara or Navrathri kids visit homes to take a look at the display of dolls and receive home made snacks and treats. America being a industrialized society there is very little that people cook at home, it is mostly pre-packaged in large factories.

While in India we exchange gifts and get together as a family during Diwali and pray to the lord for a better and prosperous year, the same thing repeats in America on Thanksgiving day when individuals travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to be with their families. Thanksgiving is synonymous with the black Friday sales that happen all over the country in which fantastic bargains are offered on all consumer products from clothes to computers. That is exactly what happens in India, there are sales galore everywhere.

Every business worth its name comes up with special commemoratory products during this season. Similarly American Express has come up with the Diwali Gift Cards to provide a festive flavor to gifting. These gift cards are specially designed to match the theme of Diwali and are available in various denominations.

You can enter a contest and win your own $50 Diwali gift card from American Express. All you need to do is to share your favorite Diwali memories on this blog. Leave a comment here and tell me what you think about Diwali and how many fond memories are associated with this festival. The entries will be placed in a draw of lots and five winners will be chosen on Sunday, October 23, 2011. Winners will receive $50 gift cards from American Express shortly thereafter.


Evelyn G. said...

I have never celebrated Diwali. However, I have celebrated Christmas with my family. The best memory I have is the last Christmas with my family in Bolivia. Everyone was gathered in my Grandparents house. All my cousins,aunts,uncles and friends were there. We all laughed and blessed each other. One of the best moments of my life.

Thank you for making the comparison of Diwali with Christmas and the other holidays that your culture has. It helps to understand different cultures of the world and to realize that at end, we all are similar. Humans with feelings like love, fear, etc.

Anonymous said...

Great thought. Your post illustrates that despite the differences we humans are basically the same. We celebrate festivals around the same time and theme.
It is just a few proud individuals and groups who think they are superior and have divided us humans on the basis of religion.
Anyway to talk about my memories, I was exposed to Diwali while attending the Diwali Mela few years ago in Dallas. Ever since I have been hooked to the festival and look forward to events every year. I think it is a really cool festival and would love to be part of some real celebration soon.

Saru Singhal said...

Indeed, it's a season of festivities. I love this part of the year with fun, food and of course shopping. Nicely written...