Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting a Second Chance!!!

Once an individual takes to crime, especially murder, it is almost impossible for him/ her to lead a normal law abiding life again. Imagine an individual who has killed about 40 people and still getting a second chance at life? Wouldn't that be something shocking even to think of? Or would it be heartening to think of, saying that the individual is finally reformed after years in prison?

When I was at Bonham, TX recently I came across this story board i.e. the story of a Texas gunman neatly printed and framed, hanging outside one of the quaint downtown shops. The display has the City of Bonham emblazoned, so I am assuming that the city has put it up. The story in the board is self-explanatory for everyone, but I need to explain why I am blogging about it.

As I read it one thing became clear to me, despite the fact that there is so much importance given to life and people today in the US, it was not so in the past. This guy John W Hardin has been referred to as "The most dangerous gunman in Texas" but still his story supposedly endorsed by the city, hangs prominently in the city square. He killed so many people and then turned to religion and law in prison. This enabled him to enter the bar in Texas and become a lawyer and established a practice. It is a different matter that he couldn't stick to law and was killed by a sheriff later.

The point I am trying to make is that even after killing 40 people this guy was given a chance to lead a normal life. Would that be possible now? in any other country? Should it happen? What about the families of those killed by him? How did they feel when he started practicing law? I don't know the answers to these questions but these things continue to bother me...

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