Friday, December 23, 2011

Good Bye 2011 - Welcome 2012

2011 is almost over and it seems like only yesterday when it was Christmas 2010. Another year comes to a finish, 12 months of economic upheavel in Europe, 52 weeks of bickering between Republicans and Democrats in the United States, 365 days before the next Presidential elections in which Obama is mostly likely to succeed, not because he has been a gerat president but because there is no other suitable alternative.
Wow.... I simply can't believe it another year has come to a close... I am older by a year so is everybody in the world. Did I achieve anything great this past year, well apart from gaining about 10 lbs cumulative weight, and completing 2 more semesters and getting closer to graduation, I don't think I did anything significant this year. In terms of physical activity this past year was a mess, I hope to make next year more productive and lose some of the excess food stocks that have gotten stored in various areas of my body.
I know I have promised myself that I would compete in a Triathlon next year. It is not going to be easy, I need to work hard to get there, especially in the area of running. I have to hit the gym or the trail to start running, cycling and swimming on a regular basis. Discipline is the key to achieving all this and that is something very difficult to achieve for people like me.

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