Saturday, December 10, 2011

Raising Children - A Poem

Raising a good kid

Everyone has an opinion about how to raise a child
Those who have had a few believes their method
Is the ideal and can't be bested

I don't have kids, haven't raised one
But definitely have an opinion
on how to raise good children!

It is futile to carry the child who can walk
or speak for the kid who can can talk
or impose your thoughts on the kid who can think

Don't build a wall of opinions around a child
Let him/ her see the world innocent eye
And form his/ her own opinions on the world

Set the child free both in body and spirit
Let them take flight from a solid foundation
composed of education, knowledge and truth

The child grows only when they are allowed to go
out to seek their fortunes and manage their ego.
They may trip and fall, get wounded and buruised...

It is as much necessary
As the sharp strokes of an awl
are needed for a rock to become a work of art!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love the third and the last stanzas... so very true and beautifully written.. I look forward to more such poems...

Keep up the good work!!