Friday, February 10, 2012

A great new way to organize your life!!!

I am a very organized individual, I like to have everything classified into categories and in their right place where I can find them. Some of my friends call me a control freak but I am just particular about having all the things I require at hand. One of the things I had been struggling with was how to save and organize my favorite websites and online links. The bookmarks/ favorites toolbar in my browser is simply inadequate to cater to all my wide interests. I found out about clipix while browsing online and I am totally convinced that this tool will help me organize my life totally.

Clipix is an online organization tool, it is like having an ever expanding clipboard where you can continuously place the stuff you like, want to look at later or even would like to remember always. I love way clipix lets me organize my links I can create different clipboards for each of my interests, say I have a clipboard for my vacations, another for my school stuff, a separate one for the movies I'd like to watch, etc. I will never get disorganized with this tool.

I have started to clip my favorite sites, links, articles and other stuff that I want to have constant access to. I will share it with my friends and family so they know what I am interested in and if we share common interests they can clip the links too. That is what I call being super organized. You can see one of my clipboards below.

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