Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Swamped by Work/ School - Blogger lays low!!!

That would be the headline of any news story about me at this point in time. It has been many days since I even opened blogger. When the year started couple of months ago I had made a resolution to blog more regularly, exercise, go to the gym, hit the hiking trails, bike, swim, etc, etc. Life happened and now here I am at the college library after finishing up a project due day after tomorrow and trying to scribble or should I say hammer out a few sentences here. Anyway the timeline for the semester to end is getting closer, which means work load is getting heavier. Thank god for spring break which starts next Monday, I will be off to Houston and of course the golden beaches of Galveston to enjoy a few hours of fun. Then back home to hit the books because the day after Spring Break is a big test which I have to succeed in. See y'all later...

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