Thursday, May 17, 2012

Connect with People Close to your DNA!

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Social networking has become a necessity for everyone. People want to connect with others who share their interests, personalities, etc on various websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, etc. Connections are established between people who are poles apart, in different countries, time zones etc.

Now through these websites we know people's likes, dislikes, views, opinions and personalities, we however don't know their genes and their deepest genetic characteristics. If you were to know that then relating to someone and making connections would become that much easier isn't it?

The new service ConnectMyDNA™ is your answer, the service provides your own DNA signature compacted into a personalized Gene Ring. This tool allows you to compare your DNA profile with others across the world. You can use the ConnectMyDNA™ tool to find your real connections.

As an introductory offer you can get your own Gene Ring at a discounted price by using the discount code: IZEA290512, which makes the price just $29.00.

When I first heard about the product I was curious to know more. With over a billion people in India I would be curious to know how many people I share real genetic connections with. There could be connections in contiguous nations of Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc.

If you need more information or would like to take advantage of the discount code mentioned above just visit the

For those of us who are worried about privacy, be rest assured your test is categorized by serial numbers and not names so nobody can use your name ad track your order. None of your personal information will be provided by the ring.

This ring will show you the people and populations around the world that is closely related to you. It doesn't depend on heritage or lineage but just pure and scientific data of genes.

What are you waiting for? Don't you want to know your connections and qualities that link you with the rest of the world? For all you know you may be linked to the royalty in England or the adventurers of Norway, etc. Know it now, get your own Gene Ring.

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