Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fire Rages Across America

It is the same story every year this time. Wild fires across the dry parts of America i.e. mostly in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and this year Colorado also. The southern states mentioned here are known for their dry, arid and rugged landscapes. During summer months when mercury hits 100+ the surroundings become so dry that a small spark is enough to start a major blaze.

This has been happening with clockwork precision every year.. at least since 2008 when I began following the news and events here. It is hard for the thousands of people who are evacuated from their homes, harder for those who actually lose their homes to the fire. Then there are millions of $$$s spent on fire fighting and reconstruction.

I wonder if there could be any preventive measures that could be put in place so that this tragedy doesn't repeat year after year. This way everyone will be happy and there is no collateral damage to the environment.

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