Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Road Trips!!!

Route dans les Pyrénées françaises
Route dans les Pyrénées françaises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Youth Hostels International has an interesting tagline:
Wandering one Gathers Honey
In short they were encouraging members to travel to different places and gather the honey of wisdom and travel survival skills. I have had the good fortune of having been part of many road trips in the past.

When I was in India a 60km (40 mile) bike ride would be a road trip to enjoy for a day. Here in the US I travel that much to reach my work. Road trips here take a completely new dimension. Long distances can be covered in short periods of time thanks to the super smooth, and relatively empty roads. No question of dodging people or cattle, or poultry. Of course there are small animals on the road that get squished under the tires of automobiles, but hey! who cares.

Then there are people who take their home with them while on the road. They travel in a recreational vehicle across the length and breadth of this continent-sized nation. How much ever one travels it is impossible to see everything in a small state let alone in the nation or the world. It takes a few lifetimes if one has to see the entire state of Texas for example. Then by the time one completes traveling there are bound to be some changes here and there which will need to be seen and experienced.

That makes one set off on yet another road trip!

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