Monday, July 02, 2012

A day in the Lake!

Lake Tawakoni at Hideaway Estates
Lake Tawakoni at Hideaway Estates (Photo credit: Houstonian)
After many years I got the opportunity to swim in the open waters of the vast Lake Tawakoni. It was one of those rare summer days when the temperature was not too hot and the sun was not blazing town threatening to melt and vaporize our bodies. Along with a few friends we headed out for the Lake Tawakoni State Park sited about 60 miles from Dallas and one of the largest lakes in the state of Texas.

Few things bring me the peace of mind and pleasure like that of a large water body. Just sitting and looking at the vast expanse of azure beauty soothes my mind out of the worst crises and helps me find solutions and think of creative options.

Lake Tawakoni
Lake Tawakoni (Photo credit: Houstonian)
Anyway that was not the reason we went to Lake Tawakoni it was a pleasure picnic to enjoy the waters. The weather was just right, not too hot, not cold at all, the water was warm towards the bank and became refreshingly cooler as we waded deeper into the lake. The swimming area has been cordoned off with buoys by the state par authorities so that visitors may not venture out too deep and get drowned. The swimming beach, hiking trails, picnic areas, and boat ramps provide amazing activity options for the entire family.

We spent the whole time in the swimming beach, resting, dipping in water and enjoying the day.

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