Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tissue Donation/ Trade continues....

I listened to another episode of the story on human tissue business on radio today. This part of the story focused on the scams, rackets, and frauds that had taken place in this $1 billion business. The story focused on one funeral home director from New Jersey who made so much money out of this business that he had heaters installed under his driveway because he didn't want to shovel snow during winters.

This guy is a dentist who had lost his license and yet he lived in style in a mansion with all the comforts. How did he manage this, he simply bought corpses from other funeral homes and sold them to tissue banks, who in turn sold it to doctors and hospitals. Everyone in the loop made a profit for themselves.This guy apparently forged documents that reportedly created a paper trail showing that the family of the deceased had consented to the tissue harvesting and continued on with his murky deals.

What is next? Is it going to be human farms, breed people in order to kill and harvest their organs and tissues? Or would it be go to war with a nation so you can kill their citizens and harvest tissues? What will it be? I definitely don't want to guess!

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