Saturday, September 08, 2012

US declares Haqqani network a terrorist body - Yahoo! News

Finally after what seems like eternity, having lost many lives both American Soldiers and Civilians US government has recognized that Haqqani Network is a terrorist group. I wonder why it took them so many years, lives, and destruction. I guess as long as it was people from India and other countries where this network operates through its allies were victims America didn't care. Now that their own soldiers were being targeted they have started this process. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow the US announces a few billion dollars in aid to Pakistan. This has been the typical strategy of America during the past several decades. Pinch the child and rock the cradle. Let us see what happens...

US declares Haqqani network a terrorist body - Yahoo! News
The Obama administration declared Friday that the Pakistan-based Haqqani network of militants is a terrorist body despite misgivings about how the largely symbolic act could further stall planned Afghan peace talks or put yet another chill on the United States' already fragile counterterrorism alliance with Islamabad.
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