Monday, October 15, 2012

Fossils Galore at Mineral Wells, TX

Mineral Wells, Texas Historical Marker
Mineral Wells, Texas Historical Marker (Photo credit: fables98)
Mineral Wells is one of my liked places for a weekend getaway in Texas. I like the place because it is one of the few places around DFW with a slightly hilly terrain. I recently found out about the existence of a fossil park in this place and went to check it out. The road to Mineral Wells Fossil Park is pathetically bad, full of gravel and sand. I had to jostle along the dirt tracks raising clouds of dust at 20mph.

The fossil park is a unique location surrounded by hilly terrain and rocky outcrops. Most of them of course are private property fenced off with no access to public.  Anyway what I found at the fossil park is indeed uniquely different from elsewhere. Here one can actually collect fossils and bring them home and government encourages this kind of fossil hunting. I hunted a few and brought them home.
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