Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is Pope Francis really non-European?

There has been much hue and cry across the world since the resignation of Pope Benedict and appointment of Pope Francis. He has been touted as the "First non-European Pope" and so on and so forth. I have a simple question: Is he really non-European? and Who is media trying to fool? Is the media and Catholic church trying to make a fool of everyone in the world? Come on! have some logic. Just because Jorge Bergoglio aka Pope Francis I was born in Buenos Aires, it doesn't make him non-European. His parents were Italians - aka Europeans.

Whatever the media may assert and the Catholic church may proclaim, this new pope is as European as one can get. The media is just trying to hoodwink people into believing that the Catholic church has become open to having non-European Pope. They haven't even gone out of their own nation, Pope Francis is a "person of Italian Origins". Stop the media frenzy please. Reference: NPR

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