Monday, March 04, 2013

Sinkhole swallows up man in Florida

This shocking news report is something revealing about the unpredictable geography in some parts of America. This Florida house that was certified fit by the insurance appraiser was sucked into the earth by a sinkhole along with one of its occupants. The loss of property and life has plunged the family into a pall of gloom and media is showcasing the issue very well.

Looking at this issue I would say two things - people and nature - both are unpredictable. People, because everyone in Florida knows how vulnerable their ground is for sinkhole formation and yet they build homes on the very land and choose to live there. There is an entire segment of economy that subsists on this sinkhole forming earth - foundation repairs, insurance companies, builders, etc. On the other hand nature always proves that it is impossible for human beings to establish supremacy.

Bottom line this is a sad story of a major loss to the family and community. I hope the survivors will move away from this area and build their lives in a more stable part of the country.

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