Friday, April 12, 2013

Gender Bias against men is proliferating!!!

Even as feminists and women's organizations across the world are creating a hue and cry about gender bias there is a slow, but steady revolution taknkg place. The Bias against MEN, yes MEN is growing and proliferating rapidly thanks to the internet and other global media.
I came across this article on the internet while browsing and was shocked to see that the author is actually justifying cheating by women. As expected there is not a single readers response to this article, I don't know if it is because nobody bothered to read this or if everyone who read it agreed with it. Whatever the reason maybe the time is coming when men will face the tables turning and will face oppression from women.... Of course if one were to listen to NPR then there are enough male intellectuals out there who are making a case against their own kind.
It will be interesting to wait and watch as the future unfolds.



5 Realistic Reasons Why Women Cheat | Love + Sex - Yahoo! Shine
A helpful guide from dating expert Renee Lee for every woman-and man-on why ladies go rogue. Does this apply to you?By Carson GriffithAs far as stereotypes go, a wandering eye and the urge to jump into bed with multiple partners seems to be built into a man's DNA, but when it comes to cheating, the sexes are created more equally than we think. (Cough, Kristen Stewart, cough.) Renee Lee, a relationship expert with a masters in psychology, dishes out five reasons why women cheat.1. ...
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