Thursday, November 07, 2013

Heights of Superstition in the First World

It is common for everyone in the world to dismiss people from India as people frought with superstition and blind beliefs. In India the so-called intellectuals always look up to western nations such as the US and awe at their progress and scientific temper. What these people don't seem to know or acknowledge that the west too is frought with its own superstitions. If I am to ever bring this up, America-apologetics will just brand me as a jealous third worlder who is trying to find fault with the glory of the west.
A recent newsreport I read on Yahoo makes me wonder about the amount of superstition that people in America hold. This report is about a highschool athlete in the state of Kentucky who walked out of a qualifying race just because she was assigned the bib number "666". The girl said that the number created conflict with her "Christian belief" and hence she would not run. This becomes national news which attracted over 20,000 comments from readers that are mostly supportive of the runner and critical of the race officials. Suggestions range from removing the number altogether from races to adding another number to this particular runner's bib.
In the same country when I say that I am vegetarian because of my religious beliefs people scoff at my faith and try to make jokes out of it. That is because even in India when I told people I am vegetarian, most people laugh at us and make jokes about being a closet meat eater, etc. How unfortunate!!!

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