Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Movie Review: James

I went to this movie expecting some grand action sequences as the posters and promotions promised. I was pretty certain that Ram Gopala Verma would have done a good job producing an action movie with new and debutant hero and heroine. But was I disappointed??? No I was thoroughly shocked... apalled... aghast... taken aback.... I don’t have the right words to express my disappointment.

The storyline of the movie is pretty much the same.. boy meets girl... falls in love.. enter the villain baying for the girl’s body and then the boy intervenes and beats him up. Then follows the villain ganging up his brood together and following the hero and heroine baying for the hero’s blood and the herione’s body. There is some good music and photography in these sections....

The most sickening part of the movie is perhaps the ugly, sometimes obscene, vulger and totally irrelevant skin show of the heroine. Perhaps that is what it takes for a debutant female artiste to make it big in Bollywood..... especially when working with RGV. We can recall... how Urmila exposed in Rangeela... and made it big soon after... but here the heroine came, exposed and went away to be forgotten forever...

The move is a good time pass for those who want to while away two and a half hours doing nothing... and it is good for couples who want to get cozy in the dark corners of a theatre as the halls will be hardly full.... To put the movie in one perspective it is good for those who like to watch raunchy item songs with the heroine shaking a leg and more and gyrating to some vague tune while the gals can enjoy a good show of James’ rippling muscles.

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