Thursday, April 17, 2008

A poem on the occasion of EARTH DAY

My experiments with poetry continue and I wrote this after participating in the colourful Earth Day celebrations at college. I hope you will enjoy it. Your comments will be appreciated.


Nature is beautiful
Nature is enticing
Nature is fun and exciting

We can only love it's
wonderful diversity
stunning imagery and
panoramic scenery

Nature is god's gift
which we must cherish and protect
But in the name of development
We have started to demolish and destroy

Nature is tolerant but
beyond a point nature retaliates
with floods, hurricanes and tsunamis'
causing destruction and wrecking havoc.

If we can't live in harmony with nature
We will perish for sure.


eastcoastlife said...

What a beautiful poem to celebrate Earth Day! You are so talented!

Hope to see you in Singapore should you come visiting. :)

Sahasi said...

Thank you for the comment :). I will get in touch with you when I come to Singapore... I am sure it will be great to see you...