Monday, April 14, 2008

New sights in Arbor Hills

Last week we had been to Arbor Hills Nature preserve, this is probably the dozenth time we are visiting. But I am not bored of the place, every visit presents new sights, offers new experiences and the park unveils new facets. This time the effect of spring was shown to me in full glory. Everything that was brown, grey and appeared lifeless was green, healthy and full of life now. Numerous bushes and plants had sprouted buds and flowers sporting bright hues.

Massive tract of earth caved in along the creek due to the recent thunder storm

Tree broken by lightening/ wind storm Of course last week's hurricane damage was also obvious for everyone to see. Several trees had been broken by the wind like little twigs. Soil erosion around the creek was vast and it appeared as if the earth had caved in completely. As I walked round the lake, it was obvious that water level had risen by almost one ft. Taking a few pictures we walked towrads the tower.

There were loads of people out there. Apparently the local Boy Scouts had scheduled their graduation ceremony in the tower area. We decided to stay back and watch the ceremony. As it became dark the ceremony started with drum beats and several older boys dressed like native Americans. I was surprised to note that, the Boy Scout movement was started in London and this chapter/ branch is in Texas, US. They have no connection with American Indians, except for the fact that the original Europeans who moved to America fought and killed the native Americans. I wonder why this Boy Scout group dressed up like them and narrated stories related to American Indians and also called themselves a tribe.

People assembled for the Boy Scout Ceremony

Anyway I found all this a farce, because there was not even one American Indian in the entire group of people assembled there. Yet these people were trying to enact an American Indian scene and relate it to the Boy scout movement. I find it so artificial and gross. Anyway it is their customs and traditions, these are only my opinions. Here are some pictures shot in the dark, not very clear, I will try to edit these pictures and post them soon.

Pictures of the Boy Scout Ceremony


ovan said...

Hai Srinidhilv!
I'm Ovan from Indonesia.
I'm a boy scout too, you know.
Nice to meet you.

Sahasi said...

Hi Ovan,
Thanks for the comment. Good to know that you are a boy scout too.