Friday, April 11, 2008

Another byline and some more acceptance of my work

I have been working hard to achieve a few bylines in the online and print media in the US since I arrived here five and half months ago. It has been a long and arduous journey. Competition is high and the writing style is totally different. I have not been very successful but have achieved a byline here and there and mostly in the local newspapers here. One of the biggest achievements was get myself and my pictures featured in a cover and photo feature on the Neighbors Go supplement of the Dallas Morning News.

Now after the print comes online byline with Schmap Guides selecting one of my pictures to be featured in their online tourist guide. One of the pictures I had shot of the tower in Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, has been featured in an online tourist guide known as Schmap Gudes.
Do take a look at the guide whose interactive version is placed in the form of a widget below. It would be great to hear your encouraging words, which make me strive towards making my blogs better.


Alok said...

He congratulation ! and all the best. I know you have really a cool sense of photography.

And hey think yourself blogrolled.

Keep rocking :)

Sahasi said...

Hey Alok,
Thanks for the comment. I am learning photography.... I am glad people are liking my work.
Keep visiting my blog and giving your feedback.

Sti said...

hi keep up the good work. "You can achieve anything if you put your heart and mind on it"