Sunday, April 06, 2008

Three (3) minutes of Fame

Having been here for the past nearly 6 months I have been trying to achieve bylines and get to see my name in print. I have been successful in the past on two occasions when the pictures I shot were published in the Dallas Morning News and its supplement Neighbors Go. But yesterday's paper was my biggest byline or feature so far. I hogged limelight on the cover page of the Neighbors Go supplement, got mentioned in the editorial and also had two half pages dedicated to the pictures I have shot. I guess I got my three minutes of fame in America. Need to work harder to get more minutes....
Meanwhile as I work you can have a look at the scanned images of the paper and leave your comments.

This the cover page of Neighbors Go supplement of yesterday's Dallas Morning News. Limited circulation only in the three cities of Carrollton, Addison and Farmers Branch.

Yesterday's editorial spoke about photographs and memories and linked my cover feature to it.

Pictures I had uploaded on my blog and submitted to the paper.

More pictures of Carrollton and surroundings which captured the attention of the editors of Dallas Morning News.

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You did a great job and you deserve the recognition. Your pictures are great. That is no small feat!