Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lull after the storm!

I purposely chose the title for the blog. I woke up this morning to a bright, sunny day with clear blue skies and great weather. Thinking it is going to be a great day I started my daily chores. The first surprise was that there was no paper at the door. Then Padma asked me if I slept well last night. I said absolutely well, like a log in fact. Then she said that last night a thunder-storm had hit the city and there was lot of rain, heavy winds, thunder and lightening. So this morning's nice weather and cool breeze is the lull after the storm.

I had absolutely no idea about what happened last night. Padma said she was woken up by the roaring winds and thunder and couldn't sleep for the major part of the night. I didn't give it much thought and when I did venture out of the home I was surprised to see destruction all around. Luckily our apartment block is sited at the very end and at a lower level so not much damage has been caused. The parking shelter adjacent to our apartment has been torn down by the winds, as also several trees in the complex. Some buildings were not so lucky, their roofs and porches were blown off. I went round the apartment complex and shot some pictures of the devastation, take a look.

And yes there was complete blackout for about 4-5 hours throughout the region experiencing the thunder storm. So it is not only in Bangalore that power shuts off as soon as it rains. I guess it is a universal phenomenon that electricity can't be played with and when it rains it is best to switch off the mains. Especially when 90 percent of the homes are built of wood.

Parking shelter adjacent to our home was torn down by the heavy winds. It is right next to our apartment block. Luckily nothing happened to our building.

This tree near the car wash in the complex was also attacked. The winds tore away one of its healthy branches

Two other trees which were also casuality to the wind's fury

Pictures of devastation both to buildings as well as trees

Texas is truly a crazy place, at least in terms of weather it surely is. It is bright and sunny today and there is no guarantee that it will remain so tomorrow. For all I know tomorrow may be freezing cold with hail storms and what not. And day after it may be just humid and stuffy. That is the weather of Texas. When I was in India I thought Bangalore weather was crazy, but I don't think it is crazier than Texas.

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