Friday, May 09, 2008

A Hudson View - second edition

Sometime ago I had blogged about the launch of Hudson View a bold new publication dedicated to art and poetry. At the time of writing that blog I had only heard of the publication and seen it online. Last week I got a pleasant surprise from Amitabh Mitra, I received the latest winter edition of the Hudson View . I was thrilled to see the colourful volume and immediately started reading through the soul touching compositions of poets from across the world.

Like I had said earlier publishing a poetry digest takes lot of courage, in the modern era, when print is fast losing its allure to broadcast media and internet. But the determination of Amitabh Mitra who I know through an online writers support group "Glorioustimes" has made this venture successful.

In this edition of winter poetry my favourite poems are The Sari Shop written by Alaka Yeravadekar and the two poems titled Immigrants and Freedom by Stanley Onjezani Kenani. While Yeravadekar captures the subtle indulgence of a woman shopping for sari, Kenani hits hard with his poetry. I would like to quote a few lines from the poem Freedom.

They told me I'm free
From Britain I'm free
From Slavery I'm free
From Hunger I'm free
From Disease I'm free
From Envy I'm free
From Ignorance I'm free

Funny thing they told me this in English
The Union Jack still flies on my tongue
The star-spangled banner stills fills our national coffers

This poem really hit my heart hard and reminded of my home country (India) where though we attained freedom from British 60 years ago, the majority are still enslaved in poverty, ignorance and illiteracy. I remember my country and wonder when we will see a strong, vibrant and prosperous India... Will I see it in my lifetime?

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