Saturday, May 10, 2008

A very eventful and exciting Saturday

Slowly but steadily things are starting to get a little busy and interesting for me. As I shake out of my boredom and try to get involved in local activities as much as possible things are looking out ok... but I still miss my footloose and fancy free life in India. My regular outings into the wild, riding my bike over long open highways, climbing rocks, swimming in dams etc are somethings that I really miss.

Before I go on my nostalgia trip let me talk about my day's activities. Well morning started off usual I got up late at 8.00 am and then went for my roller skating class (yes I am learning how to skate :P) and now I can glide. Vibha a US-based non-profit organisation working to provide education and healthcare to children in India had organised a Kite Flying Festival at the expansive Thomas Jefferson Park, Irving.

Oh! Before I forget, today we bought another car, a shiny black Toyota 4 Runner SUV. This new acquisition will be a great boon for my transportation needs in this country with pathetic public transport system. Will post pictures of the black beauty sometime soon.

Coming back to the Kite Flying Festival, it was a well organised affair but, I guess we were there too early so people were just turning up... actually trickling in. There were few people flying kites and others making kites.. yet others spinning thread using an improvised motorised device, a hand held power drill. Since there was nothing much else happening we didn't stick around for too long and headed out towards running some errands.

Towards evening when we reached the supermarket to buy grocery I noticed that there was a Vintage Car Rally cum competition happening at one of the mega parking lots of the shopping complex. I was thrilled to see the golden oldies in their full glory. I never got tired shooting pictures and more pictures of the beautiful machines.

Will post the pictures tomorrow. For now enjoy the pictures of the Kite Festival.

Gazebo in Jefferson Park

Beautiful water body flowing through the park

Young and green trees in Jefferson Park

Children and adults flying kites and enjoying themselves

Children enjoying themselves

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