Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Uniforms, Gear and other paraphernalia for law enforcers

During my numerous jaunts on the information highway stopping at numerous websites and homepages, I have come across some valuable information too. Such as the diverse kinds of businesses that thrive on the web. Technology has made it possible for entrepreneurs to find and do business in a specific niche.

One of the things I found on the web is the secret of the smart uniforms of police and military services personnel. Well there are specialist designers and manufacturers who are working to create fashionable, comfortable and yet authoritative looking clothes for the law enforcement personnel. One of the products 5.11 Tactical Shirts, I found online is something unique.

Available in both long and short sleeved versions, the 5.11 Tactical Shirt is loaded with 5.11 innovative features. The shirt's design is patented and has hidden document pockets large enough to stash flight tickets, maps, etc, but subtle enough to stow-away a small backup. The shirts are triple stitched and bartacked for durability. The shirts feature pen pockets, a back vent with a Dri-X-treme mesh backing, hidden button-down reinforced collar and front pockets with a hook-and-loop closure. Isn't it amazing how much thought has gone into detailing what is probably one of the most common products?

If you are into law enforcement or security and want to get attire for your staff, La Police Gear is one of the best places to shop.

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