Friday, May 30, 2008

SocialSpark the Social Marketing Network

The internet is full of social networking sites, but which of them offer a direct opportunity to earn money? Probably none. Here is the latest website SocialSpark, positioned as a Social Marketing Network, which is aimed at connecting bloggers with people who need online blog-posts about their products/ services.

It is an online marketplace where bloggers and advertisers can meet and do business together. Advertisers can select blogs which are suited for their products and services and make cash sponsorship offers to them. Interested bloggers will take up the offers and publish blogs. Sponsored posting enables advertisers to create a online advertising campaign at fraction of the cost of any other forms of advertising.

Of course blogs with higher Google Page Rank tend to get more offers and earn more money. So keep your blog quality high so the traffic is high and you make more money. Apart from making money through blog posts, bloggers can also make money by displaying advertisements.

Coming to the site itself, it has certain visual appeal and very easy to navigate through and visit various parts. The message center helps bloggers build friendships and interact seamlessly. One of the bloggers I have met on this space is CherrylSmith23, an avid blogger with an array of interests and hobbies. I was impressed by the large number of friends she has made on SocialSpark. Her profile says 168 friends and 32 props, it is sheer excellence. Thirty two bloggers have endorsed and vouched for her. Indeed it is great to have friends like this supporting our small blogging enterprises.

So if you are looking for opportunities to make money online through blogging, just sign up for SocialSpark and you will be well on your way to online prosperity.

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