Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to slash your international phone call expenses

I have been living in a foreign country (US) since the past eight months and believe me feeling homesick is very common. My family, friends, home, everything else I was familiar with has changed and it is quite natural to miss these things. The telephone is a magical gadget which keeps me in touch with my loved ones back home. While international calls keeps me in touch with my loved ones, it also costs quite a lot. In my quest for affordable telephone calls, I found this great online resource, where I can buy cheap phone cards and make international calls.

This place known aptly as Phone Cards Avenue is one the few places which offers cheap international phone cards which enables users like me to save 80 percent or more on international calls. This savings are better than popular mass-market telephone service providers like at&t, sprint, verizon etc.

Prepaid phone cards are one of the best ways to save on long distance and international telephone bills. The market is full of companies selling phone cards, each claiming to offer the best deal. This blitz of advertising makes it very difficult to find and buy a really cheap phone card or calling card.

Thousands of websites sell pre-paid phone cards online, and searching for good deals only make us frustrated. But at Phone Cards Avenue, this frustration is removed completely, the site offers pre-sorted international calling cards which offer great quality and value. Users can save thousands by buying country/ region specific cards available online at Phone Cards Avenue.

My advise is simple and straight forward: If you call home frequently, don't bother to buy minutes from your phone provider. Just buy a pre-paid phone card from Phone Cards Avenue and start saving money.


Rajeev said...

I've been using a company called WQN for years now to call to both India and UAE. The quality is great and the rates are very competitive. They give FREE minutes to their customers all the time with special bonus offers. They also have a loyalty program that gives their customers up to 3000 FREE minutes every 6 months. I'm able to get lots of free minutes to call my destinations with great quality.

Check them out at www.WQN.com

Sahasi said...

Thanks for the information Rajeev, I am sure our readers will appreciate it.