Sunday, June 15, 2008

Skateboarding event at Plano

The day started off as a boring Saturday morning and we didn't know what to do. We finally decided that we must get out and do something and got ready to go out. But in flat Texas and boring Dallas area what do we do? Well, we decided to go to Sports Academy and check out their bicycles and if there are any good offers we would buy a bike and start biking around the trails in Carrollton.

We drove down to the mall were the sports goods dealer is located and to my surprise I saw this huge crowd of kids doing skateboarding. Getting closer to the venue music was blaring deafeningly and there were guys and gals enjoying themselves on 4 miniature wheels of the skateboard.

I have always been fascinated by skating activities of all kinds, roller skating, inline skating/ roller blading and skateboarding. But lack of facilities to learn ad practice in India had always prevented me from indulging myself in these pursuits. Now thanks to my being in the US I have learnt how to do roller skating. I am not perfect but I can do something. So this event was too much of an attraction to give up. The sun beat down on us as we walked around the parking lot looking at the various fun stalls, skateboarding kids.

There was one stall selling skateboards and funky t-shirts, another peddling food and bottled water, one of them was a fun stall in which they were giving away T-shirts, chains and other funky stuff if participants did something really gross. Like applying mustard sauce all over their face, coloring their hair purple etc.

I shot a video of the proceedings, skateboarding, doing gross stuff etc. Watch it and give me your feedback.

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