Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A gap of two days!

Since several days I have been posting about books, news, sights, propaganda, international politics etc.. For a change I thought I'd just post about what is happening in my life now. Even as I drive through the mega roads of Texas, trying to get where I want to go: pretty much the same destinations, college, our friend Mary's home, library, sometimes to some restaurant/ bar to be part of an adventure club meeting. And the occasional visit to the Chinmaya Mission center to participate in some hymn chanting activities.

Sounds pretty boring... huh... well it is not so boring as it sounds. First four days of the week i.e. Monday - Thursday I am kept on my toes, 4 hours of classes everyday and at least two days there will be exams and of course there are homework assignments to complete too. Then there is the commute to school, at least 30-45 minutes each way. This may sound a lot of time and if anyone knows what I feel about driving here, it is downright STRESSFUL. So by the time I reach my destination I will be a bundle of nerves and need at least 5-10 mins to cool off and relax my nerves, before I can do anything else. I usually take a long walk in the green spaces of the campus before starting any academic activity so I feel relaxed.

I am not saying it would be better in India but in India stress is the way of life. There is stress in every aspect of life, so it is not noticed. Here several aspects of life are easy and can be taken for granted.

Now coming to the interesting things that happen everyday. Internet is one of my most favourite things now... online gaming... browsing, blogging etc keeps me fairly occupied. Sitting either in the apartment cybercafe or in the college library I pretty much pass long hours on the net. I hope my fingers don't give way to carpel tunnel syndrome.

That pretty much sums up what I am upto most of the time...

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