Friday, July 04, 2008

US Celebrates its 232nd Independence Day

A very happy indepdence day to all my readers from the US and those who are not from the US but still who respect and love this continent-sized country, the sole economic, military, espionage, infrastructural superpower of the world. Here are some cool graphics to celebrate independence day of the US. Well... What can I say, I am here alone bored and with nothing to do except dig my nose in books or watch unlimited movies/ browse the internet/ read books. There were several July 4th celebrations around town but since I didn't have any company and the parking everywhere was very expensive I chose not to go. Instead I sat in the apartment cybercafe almost all day and watched two Hindi movies. And of course I did some cooking and eating too. And then I washed the car... I didn't have to dry the metal mule because the heat of the evening sun vapourised the water drops on its body in a matter of minutes. Now that the day is almost over... I will head home and sleep off to prepare for tomorrow... hopefully I should go rollerskating and then continue on with the day.


Iago's Mom said...

LOLz. I honestly don't know what to say to you.

Have a good one anyway. :)

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Sahasi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog....