Sunday, July 06, 2008

Flying using party balloons

Ever heard of someone flying using party balloons? Does it sound crazy and outlandish... well it might for you but not for Kent Couch, a resident of Oregon. He has been using helium filled party balloons to fly from place to place since a long time. Yesterday he created a record of sorts when he flew 235 miles from Bend, Oregon to a small village in Idaho.

According to a newsreport in today's Dallas Morning News Kent has been doing this kind of crazy stunts on and off and this time he took the adventure a little far. Strapped to his lawn chair, he lifted off from his gas station with the help of his ground support crew and flew of 9 hours across the Oregon Desert and landed in the middle of a field in a farming community in Idaho. A flier, sky diver and adventurer Kent hopes to do many more flights soon.

I found some pictures of this amazing balloon flight on the internet and a youtube video which I am posting here for your information. To know more about Kent Couch and his adventures you can visit his website.


Rachel said...

That is incredible!

Sahasi said...

I agree with you... if I was anywhere near Oregon, I would have gone to his place and ask him to take me with him on the next flight.

Jithendra said...

Yeah even I read in today's Hindu Paper. This is really crazy and I love to fly with him, if he gives a chance ;). Very nice experience for him and a good news for us!

Sahasi said...

Yes Jithendra... I am trying to get in touch with him... and maybe I will attempt something like that when I return to India.