Monday, July 07, 2008

Renting luxury cars at 50% discount!

One of my favourite hobbies is travelling to distant and exotic locations. But travelling has its own complications and you need mobility wherever you go. Whenever I visit a far off place I have to opt for car rental, because I don't like hiring taxis or depending on public transport. Both of which can be frustrating, unreliable and delay us to a great extent. But with gas prices heading north I was mentally preparing myself to pay more the next time I travelled.

But now I have found this great resource which will enable me to travel and pay less for car rental. Isn't it amazing, you travel and get a great deal for renting your favourite car? Yes it is. And if Advantage car rentals has its way it will revolutionise the very way in which we travel.

For this summer they have some really cool deals which will help you save money even if you are making last minute plans. Advantage's fleet of cars have the best of SUVs, Luxury cars and Convertibles, you can rent them across the country, irrespective of where you are going. From Las Vegas to Chicago, there are car rental deals which will be cheaper than you expect. Check out Advantage's special offers on their user friendly and informative website.

If you are not already floored by these offers there is another offer from Advantage which will make you want to book your rental car now. Advantage is offering upto 50% discount when you rent any of their Luxury or Convertible cars. And what is more you can reserve your set of wheels online on the website and don't have to worry about your transportation needs in a far off location.

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