Monday, September 28, 2009

Chopper Style Bicycles = Fun on the Beach

Since the time I landed in the US I have been enamored by the wide array of choices that a consumer has. I started bicycling earlier this year after I bought a hybrid bike. Now as I explore the world of bicycling in the US I came across this company which offers exclusive chopper style bicycles for riding on the beach and other laidback locations. These bicycles look different and I am sure they offer ultimate riding comfort.

The unique selling proposition of this manufacturer is that these beach bikes are priced low and are available via shipping all over the USA. They will FedEx it to anyone, anywhere in the country. These bikes have only one speed and are frill free and come with a foot brake also known as coaster brake.

After looking at the enamoring pictures of the bikes I am being tempted to buy one for myself to ride around for fun.

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