Thursday, March 18, 2010

America's budget deficit forcing it to tax hitherto untouched religious groups???

Recently I read an article online about the state of US Economy. This comes after a few years of economic decline. The federal budget deficit stood at $7.5 trillion at the end of 2009 and is projected to double by 2020. These are amazing figures indeed, but the world and particular creditor nations such as Japan, India, China, etc don't seem to be bothered... or perhaps they are keeping their fingers crossed waiting for the US economy to rise again.

In the meanwhile this particular writer Sam Hodges writing in the Dallas Morning News' religion blog chased the question of whether religious organizations and non-profits should be taxed. The responses from academics, researchers, pastors, and other religion intellectuals are quite revealing.

The unanimous opinion of the experts seem to suggest that these organizations should not be taxed. One expert says that taxing churches would be "disastrous both philosophically and practically;" another expert suggests: "religious groups should not be taxed as long as they obey the laws concerning nonprofits and religious organizations". There are numerous other opinions but in effect they all say that religious institutions must be left alone and even their employees such as pastors, priests, etc should not be taxed.

After reading the article I thought back about the state of Hindu temples in India. The money/ income from temples are taken away and funneled into renovation and development of Churches and Mosques. On the contrary Mosques and Churches enjoy total independence as far as their income and financing are concerned. When I think of these things I believe that there is absolutely no equality in India. I hope somebody in the government will have enough sense to bring the entire billion plus people under one common civil and criminal law.

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